Singer-Songwriter Krista Johnson brings her stories of growth, love, and lessons learned to life through her songs. She’s been said to “have a voice of an Angel” with a sound akin to Joni Mitchell. Krista is currently working on her first album due to be released Summer 2016. Performing Friday, April 1st (7:15 PM) at the 2016 Collinsville Film Festival. LISTEN HERE






Originally a self-taught guitarist from New York, Meredith Rose is now a multi-award nominated singer/songwriter based out of Connecticut. With her tender vocals and guitar-centric soundscapes, Rose is best described as Americana Pop. Her vivid storytelling has captured the attention of songwriting contests, major film producers, and audiences across the US. Her growing reputation for writing heartfelt songs about how to fall in love, the ache of a broken heart, and how to live a more freely, earned her the nomination for ‘Best Singer/Songwriter’ at the 2014 CT Music Awards. Her recently released debut EP Sow, is comprised of four songs lushly produced by multi-Emmy award winner Jim Chapdelaine. When she performs live, Rose has the undeniable ability to bring the listener on a journey through her stories, only enhancing the story with glimmering guitar work and creative arrangements. Performing Saturday, April 2nd (7:oo PM) at the 2016 Collinsville Film Festival. LISTEN HERE